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Its a ripoff no pictures no content

The worst money wasted, there is no content AT ALL!!! $0.99 stolen This should be reported and removed from the App Store!!!

Good app but can be better!

The picture are very beautiful ! But somes images appears " not available" and that will be interessed if we can slide the picture one by one too. No return a the main menu at each time. Also, we can see the picture only when we hold the phone up.. When you want to see the pic larger at the main menu and you move your phone on the left or right they dont load. But at 0,99$ its a good application and there are pictures makes dreams! Les photos sont très belle et font rêver ! Mais certaine ne se télécharge pas et on ne peut pas passer dune photo à lautre sans retourner par le menu principale ...On ne peut agrandir les photos du menu quand le cell nest pas tenu droit! Les photos ne télécharges pas ! Alors toujours tenir le cell bien droit !

No photo!!!

No photo!!! Give me my money back!!!

Incredibly bad

I never write bad reviews and for .99 I wasnt expecting much but this app is so bad I couldnt believe it! I knew I was buying an app that was basically a bunch of pictures but I didnt know that all the pictures would be fuzzy and out of focus. Many photos are credited to Reuters. I think they took a bunch of thumbnail pics off the Internet and then blew them up on this app. Such poor quality pictures!! Then some pictures say they are no longer available. WTH?!! I looked up infinity pools and I got some really low resolution pictures where you cant tell what your looking at, no descriptions at all, and if that wasnt bad enough...under infinity pools I randomly get a picture of a skyscraper building near a lake and another picture of a desk!!!

Cheesy. Stupid.

You are both of these if you buy this app. I wish I hadnt.

Very limited pics...disappointing

Some pics are blurry...limited number of pics per category. Waste of .99 Skip this app and spend your .99 on a snickers bar

Awful App

Do not purchase this app. There are NO images. Its a waste of time!

The app doesnt even work on my iPad,

Doesnt work. Opens to page stating to choose options but doesnt work. A waste of money!

Cant see any pics!!!

I bought this app and when I open it there are no photos to view under any category on my iPhone:-(

Do not buy!

Cant see any pictures...worthless app...


I cant even see pictures! Do not buy this app.

A Sham.

What a sham! My iPad screen remained blank in every option chosen. Do not waste your money on this sham!

Awful App

Plain & simple-awful app-too much $$ for it as well!!

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